Around 60% of adults will need long-term support with activities of daily living (ADLs) like travel, getting dressed, and preparing food at some stage, according to the Administration for Community Living.

Seeing a parent or loved one’s age can be challenging. Whether you’re a full-time family caregiver or stay connected and provide care for your relative from afar, you deserve to give yourself grace and credit for everything you do to support them.

Taking Time to Reflect After the Holidays

The holidays are a common time for family members to realize a senior loved one struggles to cope independently. If you live far away and don’t have the opportunity to visit often, you might have noticed a decline in their health since the last time you saw one another. 

Conversely, if you’re their primary family caregiver and see them every day, it might be more difficult to spot changes. In this case, other family members visiting for the holidays can offer a new perspective on how their needs have shifted.

Consider whether things like preparing for the holidays and traveling to family social events brought up more practical challenges this year, perhaps due to your loved one having poorer mobility, lots of medications to remember, or increased symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Assisted Living in 2024

If you’ve noticed your loved one struggling to cope this holiday season, or if you’ve felt overwhelmed by the demands of caregiving, committing to starting the search for a senior living community could be a positive joint New Year’s resolution for you both.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a flexible level of senior care that allows aging adults to continue living an independent lifestyle while also benefiting from non-medical ADL support from trained caregivers. In assisted living, residents may live in their own apartment or room within a larger home shared with other seniors. 

Assisted living communities usually feature common areas where residents can enjoy meals, relax, or socialize with friends and family. Communities offer a range of amenities, facilities, and services, from hospice, rehabilitation, and memory care to housekeeping, shops, and transportation.

How Does Assisted Living Support Seniors?

Daily Opportunities for Socialization

A 2020 study by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine found that almost a quarter of older adults are socially isolated, perhaps due to issues like living alone, losing friends and family members, or chronic illness. The consequences of social isolation and loneliness in seniors can be immense. For example, the same study found that being socially isolated increased the risk of premature death. Poor social relationships were also associated with increased risk of both heart disease and stroke, as well as higher rates of anxiety and depression.

Senior living communities deeply understand the significant physical and mental health consequences of loneliness and social isolation for seniors and, therefore, focus on nurturing a highly social, warm, and friendly atmosphere. For example, at Saguaro Ranch, residents can access a range of recreational activities that encourage socialization, including Zumba, pet visits, special events, and group outings. Our inviting communal living and dining spaces also facilitate the natural formation of meaningful and long-lasting friendships.

Activities of Daily Living and Specialist Support

Assisted living is a highly personalized and adaptable level of senior care in which residents receive support tailored to specific and changing needs. At Saguaro Ranch, residents have access to 24/7 assistance with ADLs. Accepting help with ADLs can be challenging for aging adults who have always been fiercely self-sufficient, which is why we provide each resident with a personalized care plan. This detailed, flexible care plan allows them to feel confident and supported while maintaining independence. In assisted living, seniors typically receive three meals and snacks daily as standard. At Saguaro Ranch, we’re dedicated to providing residents with meal choices that meet their nutritional needs while honoring their personal preferences. 

The personalized support offered by small senior living communities like Saguaro Ranch may include specialist care delivered by in-house staff members or partnering organizations. At Saguaro Ranch, we’re proud to run an exceptional memory care program that gives seniors with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and memory loss access to the kind support, patience, and freedom they deserve. Experienced caregivers know how to properly support seniors with memory care needs and are happy to accompany residents to medical appointments if needed. Seniors with dementia deserve access to proper care in a place that feels like a home, not a ‘facility.’ Our beautiful, ranch-style property offers just that.

Visit Saguaro Ranch for a Guided Tour

Seniors and family caregivers often struggle to start looking for assisted living. Outdated negative stereotypes and worries about loss of independence and freedom can be off-putting. But in 2024, senior care communities offer engaging and fulfilling lifestyles for seniors with unique personalities, preferences, and support needs. 

If your loved one struggles to cope at home, commit to finding the right community in the new year. Taking prompt action will empower them to continue living with freedom and independence for many years. 

To experience the exciting opportunities your loved one could access at Saguaro Ranch, call us today and organize a tour of our unique Arizona assisted living community. Our experts are ready and waiting to explain your loved one’s options, helping you make the right choice as a family.