Engaging Senior Living Activities at Tucson’s Saguaro Ranch

It’s the objective of our Tucson senior living activity team at the Saguaro Ranch to get everyone engaged in some way, mentally or physically, each day. And we’re not talking about rigidly scheduled activities or forcing residents out of their comfort zone, but instead making sure all of our residents have the opportunity to partake in stimulating activities for the enrichment of their lives. Our assisted living facility provides a range of on-site physical, social, and recreational senior living activities for our Tucson area residents to increase cognitive stimulation and socialization. Involvement makes a significant impact in our residents’ lives; it makes them happier, more satisfied, builds self-esteem, and makes them physically healthier.

Fun Activities for Our Residents

Some of our Tucson senior living activities include trips to local events or the shopping mall, or picnics at nearby parks. Yoga is one of our physical activities, and it is a great way to stretch and lengthen muscles. Our residents like it because it allows them to work out some of the physical kinks that have been bugging them. We also host workouts to manage arthritis or other physically debilitating conditions, and provide high-energy exercise in the style of Zumba classes. This helps improve balance and coordination, stimulates a healthy appetite, and promotes better sleep at night. Naturally, everything is tailored and toned to each person in order for everyone to benefit from the workout.

Pets have long played an important role in the lives of the elderly, and our scheduled pet visits always bring our residents joy and a reassuring connection with other living things. Fostering our residents’ relationships with animals brightens their faces and warms our hearts. Call us today to find out more about the slate of engaging senior living activities at Tucson’s Saguaro Ranch, including yoga, Zumba classes, pet visits, and more!

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