As a small assisted living and memory care community, we see the daily benefits of personalized, attentive senior care in our residents. With truly tailored support, seniors can enjoy the healthy, active, and fulfilling retirement they deserve.

Why is Personalized Senior Care Important?

Whether a senior lives in their own home or an assisted living community, access to carefully customized support is vital. Not only does tailored support result in better practical care, but it can also help boost a senior’s independence, allowing them to feel genuinely respected, included, and heard regarding their health.

If a senior has a neurocognitive condition like Alzheimer’s disease, customized memory care is critical. As well as having their personality, likes, and dislikes, each individual with dementia is affected by their disease differently. As a result, memory care plans must be carefully devised and regularly reviewed with the support of memory care specialists to account for complex, ever-changing symptoms.

Choosing the proper memory care or assisted living community can feel overwhelming for seniors and family caregivers. Considering senior living communities that prioritize specialized care is a great place to start. 

Five Vital Questions to Ask About Customized Care

1.What is your staff-to-resident ratio? 

The staff-to-resident ratio can hugely impact the level of personalized support caregivers can provide. If staff-to-resident ratio is low, less time will be available to spend one-on-one with residents. This can lead to a more impersonal, ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience. Moreover, caregivers who feel rushed may be forced to save time by completing tasks for seniors rather than allowing them to retain independence where possible. With a high staff-to-resident ratio, professional caregivers have time to support seniors in ways that suit their unique needs.

2.Do staff have experience and training in managing a specific health condition? 

If your loved one has a chronic health condition (e.g., diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis), it’s worth ensuring that caregivers are adequately knowledgeable and can provide tailored support.

3.How do you formulate resident care plans, and how often are these reviewed? 

The best care plans are devised through careful coordination between a senior living community, family caregivers, physicians, physical therapists, and other professionals supporting seniors. And, of course, seniors also deserve to be involved in planning their care. All care plans should be reviewed frequently to ensure a senior’s changing needs are met. 

4.To what extent can residents decorate their own space? 

Many senior living and memory care communities allow residents to personalize their space to some extent. This can benefit residents, allowing them to feel more comfortable and at home in a new environment. Depending on the space your loved one has available, they may be allowed to bring artwork or even pieces of furniture from their own home.

5.What professional care partners do you typically work with? 

Many seniors have multiple chronic health conditions that require management. Ask about a senior living community’s care partners, and find out how they can further personalize and improve your loved one’s care.

Discover Customized Assisted Living and Memory Care in Tucson

At Saguaro Ranch, we believe in providing truly personalized assisted living and memory care within the luxurious setting every senior deserves. The seniors in our community each require a different level of care. Still, our overarching goal is to empower residents to enjoy the fulfilling retirement they always wished for with flexible support.

We ensure residents receive quality, customized care by:

  • Creating detailed care plans that involve input from seniors, family caregivers, and trusted care partners. Support plans are regularly reviewed and can be altered to adapt to a senior’s changing needs or wishes.
  • Keeping in close communication with family caregivers and any medical professionals involved in a senior’s care.
  • Housing a small number of residents and keeping a high staff-to-resident ratio. This allows caregivers to truly get to know each resident, their preferred routines, wishes, and personality.
  • Carefully balancing 24/7 safety and supervision with freedom and relaxation.
  • Having fully registered memory care specialists on-site around the clock to offer residents continuity of care at every stage of their disease.
  • Helping residents access various activities, classes, and events to suit their unique interests. Popular activities among current residents include jewelry making, painting, gardening, and nature walks.
  • Allowing residents to be accompanied by a professional caregiver when attending off-site medical appointments.
  • Providing residents with freshly prepared meals that can be adapted to suit their own tastes and dietary requirements.

Get in touch today to discover how we can tailor your loved one’s assisted living or memory care plan to meet their individual needs.