The festive season presents the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the previous year and make plans going forward. If you have a senior parent or loved one, you may have started to think about whether residential assisted living is right for them. While there are many factors for family caregivers to consider when making this decision, your loved one’s ability to engage in fulfilling activities is essential.

A key benefit of residential assisted living is the opportunities seniors are given to get involved in social, recreational, and physical activities from the comfort and safety of home. As seniors age, social isolation and lack of mental stimulation are typical. Issues like reduced mobility and dementia can make it difficult for seniors to enjoy their favorite activities without the support of family caregivers.

As 2023 dawns, activities for seniors in assisted living are quite different from what they once were. Gone are the days when a Saturday night bingo game was the only option available. And at a time of year typically filled with festive activities, events, and social connection, today’s residential assisted living facilities genuinely shine. Let us explore just a few innovative activities in today’s progressive senior care communities!

Activities Using Modern Technology
Digital technology plays a massive role in shaping the experiences of seniors in elder care communities in the modern age. Digital devices are used to improve resident safety with the use of personal alarms, health monitoring, and fall detectors. But the applications of digital software, apps, and artificial intelligence (AI) span much farther than this. Technology can also vastly enhance the activities and events senior care communities offer residents.

Residential assisted living communities also utilize various apps and software for seniors. For example, iN2L features quizzes and games, a catalog of religious and spiritual activities, and even activity simulators – so the senior who was once an avid cyclist or professional pilot need not forget their passion. These programs allow residential assisted living activities to be more personalized than ever before. For example, with live streams becoming more commonplace, seniors can enjoy live events like concerts and shows from the comfort of their living area or bedroom.

Popular everyday streaming services and apps can also be vital for delivering residential assisted living activities. For example, streaming services like Netflix offer a diverse range of content for movie nights that suit individual tastes, and free YouTube classes are used to deliver activities like guided imagery or meditation.

Mindfulness and Meditation-Based Activities

While the concept of mindfulness has existed for centuries, it has gained mainstream popularity in recent years – and for a good reason! Mindfulness is the art of living in the present moment. This is achieved by focusing on the breath and bodily sensations. The wonderful thing about mindfulness is that it can be practiced anywhere – whether in a guided meditation, on a walk, or while completing an everyday activity like washing the dishes.

Mindfulness may support seniors in improving overall mood, mental health, and positive outlook. Promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being, it can also be used to help reduce insomnia – an issue seniors often struggle with. With these benefits in mind, many residential assisted living facilities offer meditation or guided imagery sessions to help transport residents to a state of rest, relaxation, and well-being.

Educational Activities

Why should there be an age limit on learning? Many seniors enjoy learning new concepts and skills well into retirement, and today’s assisted-living communities know this. What’s more, the benefits of lifelong learning are aplenty. Continuing to learn can be effective in keeping the brain sharp and slowing cognitive decline. Group education also allows seniors to form social connections with fellow residents with a common interest.

Residential assisted living facilities may offer classes and discussions on academic subjects like periods of history or scientific theories. Other residents may prefer to learn more hands-on, and many senior care communities run regular classes like arts and crafts, dancing, or yoga. Facilities often host special one-off workshops or guest talks throughout the year to ensure residents access new and exciting new knowledge.

While the range of activities available in assisted living communities has vastly expanded, timeless favorites still need to be remembered. Activities like bingo, book clubs, chess, and checkers are usually available for those who prefer the classics!

If you would like to discover the wide selection of activities Saguaro Ranch provides, get in touch today to organize a personalized tour. During this festive season, we’re hosting fun, holiday-themed activities and events for residents and family caregivers – ask us about these to find out more!