There are many challenges you may tackle when you care for your aging parents long-distance, including fiscal, physical, and mental challenges. When you reside an extended distance from your parents or loved one, and they are having a difficult time maintaining their home, managing medications or just normal everyday activities of life, it is hard to know what the right decision will be for their long-term care.

Although it’s difficult searching long-distance for an assisted living facility in Tucson, there are many ways to make this process easier. There are several options available to you which allow you to care for your parent long-distance and manage your life at home as well.

Research Senior Living Communities in Their Area
Being prepared is an essential part of caring for an aging parent. It’s important to have conversations with your loved one about where they would like to live and what they envision their retirement to be. For example, ask what makes them comfortable? Would they rather live at home with support for as long as possible or would they prefer to live in a retirement community designed for people who need support with activities of daily living? Ask about the services they would like provided and the type of care they would like to receive. Additionally, ask questions regarding their medical needs that will help guide you as to the level of care that best meets their current and future needs.

Although these conversations may be difficult to have, communicating in advance about what is important and what your loved one values is essential. While it’s possible, talk to your parents and hear their thoughts about what they would want should they need an assisted living residential care home in Tucson or if they would prefer home care. Asking your loved one questions about what is important to them will help you navigate this road if and when the time comes.

How to Proceed:

  1. Sit with your loved ones and research “assisted living communities near me” to gather information.
  2. Review the services and features of each community and click on the ‘Contact Us’ link to start communicating and gathering the additional information you need.
  3. Create a list of communities and their amenities. Consider the things your loved one desires in a community, as well as the questions you have about these communities.
  4. Schedule an appointment to tour the communities that appear to be the best fit based on your research. Touring a community will provide you and your parents with additional insight and will ensure if your selection properly suits your loved ones needs.

Learn About Costs
Understanding the long-term costs of an assisted living community is important. Every retirement community is different, and some residential care homes may not meet your parents’ requirements. This is why you need to figure out the types of care your parents want and don’t want, and their associated costs.

Consider how your family will handle these payments when the time comes. Find out if your parents have insurance that may cover some of these costs. If they do, inquire about the types of care or services that are covered, and what your family will have to pay for. It is essential that you know about the costs and payments required in your potential communities.

Next, you’ll need to consider the other costs that come with an assisted living community or residential care home. For example, you may need to buy new furniture or other items to fit their new home. Additionally, you should learn more about the long-term-care insurance policies your parents have. This will help ease the costs of long-term-care. Understanding what their policies cover and don’t cover allows you to plan for the future and potential expenses.

Consult the Experts
When making important decisions, especially about long-term care, it’s best to consult the experts closest to your concerns. Consider consulting your loved one’s financial planner, lawyers, or doctors when you have unanswered questions about their needs or wants. Double checking with these professionals can help you support your parents in their decision-making process.

Stay Connected
Advances in technology allow us to stay connected to our loved ones who live in another town, city or state. Utilizing the technology available to you like video calls, allows you to stay connected from anywhere in the world. Technology allows you to maintain your close bond with your loved ones and keep an eye on their care with ease.

Today, most people are adept at using common technology like video calls, so take advantage of it. While your parents become adjusted to their assisted living home, you can talk to their professional caregivers and see if they will help them use video conferencing apps like Zoom. Today, there are so many ways to care for your aging loved one from afar. We now have the technology necessary to monitor a loved one securely and comfortably, all while keeping their privacy intact.

Be Patient with Yourself
It’s important to keep in mind that helping an aging parent from afar is not an easy task, but you can do it! Remember, you’re there to provide the support and guidance when and if they need it. Rest assured having necessary conversations with your loved ones in advance, conducting research, understanding costs and consulting experts will make the decision process easier and help with transitions of care when needed.

We’d love to help you support your parents find the right community that meets their needs. For more information on how Saguaro Ranch can help your loved one, contact us today!