Many seniors feel apprehensive at the thought of moving out of their own home and into an assisted living community in Tucson, often worrying that their independence will be compromised. However, the reality of life in a community like ours could not be further from this. Residential assisted living is tailored to your needs, providing the perfect balance of support and independence that many seniors crave.

So, you’ve researched all the benefits of residential assisted living, but what is it actually like living in a community? Let’s explore how a typical day in an assisted living community might look for you!


If you’re able to take care of your morning activities of daily living (ADLs) like showering, taking medication and dressing, your mornings can be completely your own. The beauty of residential assisted living like Saguaro Ranch is being able to retain your independence, so you can get up at leisure, watch some TV or read and get yourself ready for the day as and when you please.

If you need a little assistance with your morning routine, you will be awoken at a time that suits you by an experienced, friendly caregiver. They will be there to give you a helping hand, setting you up for a great day. Your schedule is completely yours, so if you want to sleep in some days, that’s ok!

Once you’re ready, you may choose to eat breakfast in your room or you could head to the dining room to enjoy a hearty, fresh breakfast with friends.

After breakfast, you might wish to take part in an activity or group organized by your residential assisted living community. Most communities offer a diverse range of physical, cultural, social, and spiritual pursuits, allowing you to continue taking part in the activities you love, or even try out something brand new!


In the afternoon, perhaps you have an appointment at the hair salon or doctor’s office. Many assisted living communities offer complementary transportation, allowing you to attend your appointments or take trips into nearby towns without having to navigate public transportation.

So why not head out to your appointment, before browsing around the shops or going for coffee with a friend? On your return, it may be time to have lunch, take a walk around the grounds or meet up with friends or family members.

Additionally, many communities like Saguaro Ranch offer a myriad of on-site activities from gardening, baking, and painting to day trips that are fun for all!


In the evening, you can enjoy a professionally prepared, nutritious, and delicious meal, without the hassle of grocery shopping, preparing, cooking or cleaning up. Your meals will be tailored to your needs, with alternatives available to cater for any specific dietary requirements you have.

After dinner, many residents like to socialize with friends or play cards or board games in a communal area, or retire to their room to watch some television, read, or talk to friends and family on social media.


Whenever your natural bedtime is, your professional caregivers will be on hand to help you with your night-time routine like bathing or dressing if you require assistance. If not, your bedtime schedule is your own.

You will have a call button close by in case of emergencies, or if you need assistance to go to the bathroom during the night. What’s more, you can sleep easy knowing the community is safe, secure and that there is someone on hand to help at all hours.

Your room will always be kept clean and welcoming, with most communities offering weekly laundry and cleaning services as standard.

The main benefits of residential assisted living are:

Rich and flexible social environment. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, having access to the level of companionship and socializing that you need is key to good mental health. With regular organized social activities to suit your interests, and plenty of opportunity for a good chat over lunch or dinner, you needn’t worry about feeling lonely or bored. Most seniors find they quickly form strong new friendships with both staff and their fellow residents. If you also like your own company, you’re free to retire to your room whenever you fancy.

No need to worry about daily errands and maintenance. As we get older, tasks like cooking, cleaning, household maintenance, grocery shopping and paying bills, as well as personal care can become more challenging. By moving to residential assisted living, these worries will become a thing of the past. Cleaning and laundry will be taken care of, utility bills are usually included in your fee and you will be served delicious meals to suit your tastes. Our highly trained, professional caregivers are here to offer dignified personal care, taking the stress out of the everyday.

Retain your independence. We understand and respect that remaining autonomous is important to our residents and we will therefore always encourage you to be as independent as you can be. We’re here to give you a helping hand, making life easier and keeping you safe, but how you choose to spend your days will always be up to you.

Moving out of your own home and into a residential assisted living community in AZ can feel daunting, just like anything unfamiliar. But most residents find the transition is an overwhelmingly positive one.

For more information on what life at Saguaro Ranch Luxury Assisted Living could look like for you, contact us today! We look forward to welcoming you into our home!