As a senior, several barriers may prevent you from enjoying travel like you once could. For those who have always had a passion for exploration, these barriers can have a significant impact, potentially leading to intense feelings of loss. Luckily, in 2023 there are unlimited ways to continue satisfying your adventurous spirit well into retirement.

Websites To Help You Enjoy Travel As A Senior

Experiencing different cultures and exploring more of the world is a goal many people share for their retirement. If you’re still able to travel physically, there are a few websites available that can help you plan your next adventure. For example, Suddenly Senior Travel (, Eldertreks (, and Frommers ( can provide vital travel tips, helping you find the best travel locations and tours to meet your needs and preferences. 

You may also wish to explore websites based on your specific interests, for example:

  • If you’re an avid walker… ( advertises worldwide hiking tours for seniors aged 50 and above, everywhere from Costa Rica and Utah to Spain, France, and Italy.
  • If you’re a thrill seeker… ( is the world’s first adventure travel company for over 50s. Offering mountain hiking trips in the Rockies or Himalayas and once-in-a-lifetime journeys through the Arctic and Antarctic, Eldertreks is a thrill seeker’s dream. According to the Eldertreks website, you can also bring along a companion over 18, making these trips perfect for those who enjoy traveling with adult children.
  • If you’re a cycling enthusiast… ( is an owner-operated cycling tour company with over 20 years in the business. Senior Cycling hosts bike tours for small groups (up to 13) in Quebec, Idaho, and the Florida Keys.

Virtual Travel

Traveling can present a whole host of challenges for seniors. Long plane journeys may lead to discomfort, particularly if you struggle with mobility or have a chronic condition like arthritis. Understandably, many seniors who have lost a spouse are reluctant to start traveling solo later in life. If you can no longer travel, a range of websites can help you stay connected to culture and continue exploring from the comfort of your home. 

You can use cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality (VR) to experience new locations and landmarks (or re-visit familiar favorites) in all their glory. VR should relieve you of the aches and pains long-haul travel can cause while keeping your brain active and your adventurous spirit fulfilled. 

Virtual Travel Experiences You Can Try Today

Many world-famous museums and galleries also offer virtual tours, including:

  • The Louvre, Paris ( The Louvre is the most visited art museum on the planet, and it’s easy to see why. Best known for being home to the Mona Lisa, the Louvre boasts a vast collection of artworks and sculptures spanning centuries and from across the globe. The Museum is a sight to behold; this grand ex-royal residence spans 652,300 square feet.
  • Vatican City, Rome. Discover the mesmerizing tapestries, murals, and vaulted ceilings of the Vatican Museums, then wander around the rest of the city with your virtual guide to spot famous landmarks like Saint Peter’s Basilica. Multiple tours allow you to explore the rich culture of Vatican City.
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City ( The ‘360° Project’ allows you to fully immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Met without missing a single angle. With this cutting-edge virtual tour, you can gain perspectives unavailable even to in-person visitors, like floating above the Met Cloisters and looking down or standing in the enchanting empty gallery in the evening.
  • The Natural History Museum, London ( The Natural History Museum is an absolute must-see for natural world fans. The Museum boasts everything from gigantic dinosaur skeletons to botany collections, and you can wander the impressive site’s huge galleries with their interactive online guide.

General Travel Tips

    • Check the CDC’s destination pages for the latest travel information and advice for your chosen location. 
    • Browse the Suddenly Senior Travel ( website to find some great articles written specifically for seniors and tips, tricks, and travel discounts.
    • Frommers ( is an established travel guide that began in 1957. This website offers valuable travel information and ideas for various destinations, regardless of your budget.
  • Do adequate independent research to avoid travel scams and ensure that any vacations, tours, or trips you book are legitimate. If in doubt, consult a trusted travel agent for advice.

As an assisted living community, we aim to empower our travel-loving residents by equipping them with the tools and skills to enjoy outings and tours where possible and virtual experiences that unlock doors to a world of wonders. We encourage our residents to enjoy exploring new places together – whether by forming virtual ‘travel clubs’ with neighbors or sampling cuisine from around the world.

To learn more about how we encourage our residents to enjoy virtual travel experiences from the safety of their senior care community, schedule a visit or call us today!