In a 2016 retirement study by Merrill Lynch and Age Wave,1 95% of retirees said they would rather have more enjoyable experiences than buy more ‘things.’ Through these experiences, their top priorities were de-stressing, improving their health, and seeking fun and adventure.1

Retirement is a period of life filled with opportunities; for the first time in years, your time is your own. However, for seniors living independently, barriers like reduced mobility, chronic health conditions, lack of transportation, and social isolation can prevent engagement in hobbies and leisure activities.

Residential assisted living can bring practical support, independence, social community, and engaging activities to your doorstep.

Why Are Leisure Activities Important for Seniors?

Contemporary research has highlighted the importance of leisure activities in enhancing the aging experience of seniors in retirement. A study conducted in 20242 found that creative activities were associated with fewer difficulties in activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), higher odds of good balance, and lower chances of using sleep medication. The same study found that frequent physical activity was linked to higher odds of having good balance (and fewer perceived difficulties with balance) and lower odds of having chronic health conditions or struggling with mobility and ADLs.2

Merrill Lynch’s study into the leisure experiences in retirement1 found that after the initial adjustment to retirement, seniors typically enjoy a long period of happiness, contentment, and spontaneity. They enjoy finding new experiences by volunteering, seeking adventures, sightseeing, and discovering new everyday hobbies like exercising, shopping, reading, and learning. Throughout retirement, seniors also place great value on deepening social connections with friends and family members.1

5 Summer Outings and Activities at Saguaro Ranch Assisted Living
  • Gardening and Fruit Picking. We offer a range of gardening-related activities for seniors to enjoy. Many of our senior living residents spend time tending to our beautiful gardens and landscaping or planting and nurturing flowers for a pop of color. Residents can also have the satisfaction of planting, growing, and harvesting their fruits and vegetables to be used in our seasonally inspired menus.
  • Zoo and Farm Visits. In 2023, a review of 34 studies concluded that pet and animal interaction was comforting and enjoyable for seniors in residential care.3 During the summer, residents have enjoyed trips to local zoos and farms, where they can interact with cows, horses, donkeys, and various birds. View our gallery to see residents enjoying these outings!
    Picnics and al Fresco Dining. Saguaro Ranch’s close-knit group of assisted living residents often enjoy mindfully prepared meals and picnics outdoors in the summer, on-site, and in the picturesque local parks.
  • Nature Walks. Nestled at the foot of the Tortolita Mountains in Southern Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Saguaro Ranch’s assisted living house is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty. Our residents love spending time outdoors and enjoy gentle nature walks around the grounds. Residents can take in the stunning scenery on these walks while checking on their flowers or picking fruits and vegetables planted earlier in the year!
  • Celebrations and Parties. Saguaro Ranch’s residents, staff members, and family caregivers love a celebration! These special occasions can be enjoyed in our gorgeous, landscaped outdoor spaces and shaded ranch-style decking areas during the summer months. All our senior living residents are like our own family members, so we make sure to celebrate every birthday and national summer holidays like July 4th.
Why Join the Saguaro Ranch Senior Living Community?

Enriching Activity Schedules
All year round, our community strives to give each of our residents an engaging and socially active lifestyle that supports their mental, physical, and cognitive health. Regular activities include exercise classes like yoga and Zumba to help balance, coordination, and appetite. We also have pet visits and offer a range of outings to suit various interests (including shopping trips, eating out, or attending local cultural events).

Tailored Care Plans
Tailored care plans are delivered to each assisted living resident, allowing them to feel empowered to participate in various social and leisure activities. These care plans include personalized ADL support, through which seniors can receive professional and compassionate assistance with tasks like using the bathroom, getting dressed, eating, and managing medication schedules as needed.

Memory Care Experts
Seniors with dementia often have more specialized needs that regularly change as their disease progresses. Expert memory care is required to minimize agitation and anxiety and effectively and compassionately manage issues like sundowning. We deeply understand that finding the right residential assisted living or dementia care community for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease can be incredibly tough. Saguaro Ranch is committed to creating fulfilling lifestyles for seniors requiring dementia care. With specially trained memory care staff available to meet their unique needs, we can provide round-the-clock monitoring to ensure their safety.

Summer in the Tortolita Mountains is a beautiful, activity-packed time of year. To learn more, contact us today and organize a guided tour of our warm and supportive residential assisted living and memory care community.




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