Your parent or loved one is a unique individual with equally unique needs. This can make finding their ideal assisted living facility in Tucson feel a little daunting, especially if it’s your first time searching for a residential care community in AZ.

The key to finding the perfect community for them is asking the right questions, but sometimes it’s difficult to know just where to start. Of course, you will have a range of queries and concerns based on your parent’s situation, but regardless of personal circumstances there are a few core questions you need to be asking.

Here are seven important questions to ask when looking for a residential care community:

  1. What type of care do you offer? Think carefully about the sort of care your loved one needs, because each facility has its own strengths. Do they simply need light assistance with activities of daily living like getting into bed and dressing, or do they also require medication management or nursing? Perhaps they would benefit from a facility that can provide expert memory care? There is an assisted living facility out there that can cater to your loved one’s needs perfectly, and asking this question is the first step towards finding it.
  2. What is your staff-to-resident ratio, and how many staff are on duty overnight? In assisted living communities with too few caregivers, it can be difficult for them to provide the personalized, compassionate and thorough care your loved one truly deserves, which is why it’s important to ask about staff-to-resident ratios. Compassionate care is absolutely vital to ensure your loved one feels safe, secure, valued and at home in their new residential care community.
  3. How does pricing work at your assisted living facility? Assisted living facilities deal with payments in different ways, some of which may be much better suited to yourself and your family than others. Many residential care communities charge a standardized monthly fee that incorporates every service they have to offer. If the assisted facility provides all the services your parent needs, and they require a high level of care, this could be the most convenient and cost-friendly option for you. On the other hand, if your loved one only requires a low level of care like basic assistance with activities of daily living, a facility with a baseline fee that charges for extra services like medication management on an ‘a la carte’ or ‘as you need’ basis may be more suitable.
  4. Are your residents offered any social, recreational, spiritual or physical activities? Aside from personal and medical care, you want to find a facility that will feel like home for your parent, keeping them mentally and socially stimulated and physically active (if possible). Many assisted living facilities host a great range of social events and recreational classes like music, art or gardening. They may also organize spiritual or religious services and groups for exercise, for example dancing or walking. These activities promote physical and mental wellbeing within a residential care community and can be a great way for your loved one to make new friends while staying engaged and active.
  5. What amenities are available on-site? While some residential care communities are more basic, others offer on-site services like hair and beauty salons, gardens or even a spa. When researching assisted living facility options, you might also consider transportation. Some communities like Saguaro Ranch Luxury Assisted Living provide free transportation for residents, either for day trips and outings or just for appointments. If your parent or loved one enjoys getting out and about without dealing with the hassle of coordinating transportation, this could be particularly valuable to them.
  6. What is the accommodation like? Be sure to ask about the accommodation your loved one will be residing in. Does the facility offer shared rooms, individual apartments or a choice? What amenities are included – do residents have access to their own television and free, speedy Wi-Fi? Are additional amenities included in the monthly fee or is there an additional charge? Consider what is important to your family member or loved one and ask if the community provides access to these amenities.
  7. Are all meals provided, and what does your typical menu look like? Nutrition is paramount to both mental and physical health no matter our age, so ensuring your loved one’s needs will be adequately met is vital. Ask about the variety of meals available and whether the menu can be adjusted to suit dietary requirements and preferences. Ask who prepares and cooks meals, and whether snacks are available throughout the day. If your loved one likes (or doesn’t like) routine, it may also be useful to know whether food is served at set times each day, or if mealtimes are more flexible.

In Summary…

Though these key questions are a great starting point when searching for the perfect assisted living facility for your parent or loved one, there may be a range of other questions you have in mind. Before visiting a residential care community, jot down a list of everything you or your parent would like to know.

On the day of your visit, be sure to take a notepad and pen with you. Oftentimes, that initial tour can lead to a feeling of information overload, making it difficult to absorb everything at once. As with anything, preparation is absolutely key and will make finding the right assisted living facility much easier.

Most importantly, don’t ever be afraid to ask the questions you need answers to. As a residential care community, we understand your anxieties and are here to put your mind at ease. We truly care about aging adults, and our mission is to leave seniors and their families confident in their decision. For more information or a tour, contact us today!